Monday, December 20, 2010

End of 2010

With December coming to a close; we can look back and reflect on the roller coaster effect 2010 had on many of us. This year had it's ups and downs, but 2011 is beginning to look as though it'll be a more stable year; at least for us in the real estate market. I begin training this week to join a group of agents in educating Indiana residents of "employer assisted housing". The beautiful thing of "employer assisted housing" is this is a cost contained program. This program offers buyers the ability to gain 3% of purchase price at closing towards down payment with no repayment of this money. Sound too good to be true? There are a few stipulations. Your employer must fall under the network of employers; over 6,000 in Indiana. It's quite likely your employer is listed under this network and doesn't even know it! The 3% given to the purchaser is taxed by the government. This also helps stimulate the economy by increasing state tax dollars. The final contingency is for the purchaser to complete a short homeownership course online and 6 hours community service; all still a great deal for the buyer. This could be your first home, second, vacation or you could be an investor. It doesn't matter. All that is asked is for the above criteria to be covered. Want additional information? Contact Mallorie Wilson. Begin your 2011 by becoming a homeowner! Let me help you make homeownership a reality!

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